Our Recruitment Platform uses artificial intelligence to parse CVs and match applicants to jobs using customisable parameters that meet the needs of small to large enterprises by providing instant feedback to both applicants and recruiters and giving them control over their time and cost spent on the recruitment process.

Benefits for the Applicant

1. Guaranteed evaluation of your CV

2. Instant feedback on your application progress to the next stage

3. Recommendations to improve your areas of weaknesses

4. Eliminates the cost and uncertainty of pursuing application feedback

5. A fairer and transparent recruitment experience

Benefits for the Recruiter

1. Reducing time spent on shortlisting huge volumes of applications

2. Evaluating every application fairly and speedily

3. Increasing the likelihood of selecting best candidate by evaluating all applications

4. Customizing and meeting your organizational preferences by placing different weightings on all parameters

5. Accessing your own recruitment dashboard and applicant database

6. Fixed and affordable monthly cost for unlimited postings